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Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Hi, my name is Angela!

I am the proud owner and one of the spa technicians here at Pamper Me Perfect Mobile Kids Spa LLC. I hope you have enjoyed browsing our site as well as viewing some of our pics of previous events that we have serviced. We have serviced ALOT of parties in our 9 years of business, and have pretty much seen all kinds of decorations, set ups, food choices as well as games. I would like to welcome you to our newly designed site which allows me to express my creative writing skills as well as connect with some pretty awesome people. This post won't take up too much of your time... It will be just enough information to give you some popping ideas for your daughter's upcoming spa party. Let's just say, I hope you booked with us! {LOL} Or is planning to.


When it comes to planning any party, it can be stressful sometimes even daunting. I have had parents call me to ask me my opinion on everything from what should they serve the girls at the party to if they should ask the parents to stay or leave. What's the best decorations to purchase as well as what should go in the gift bags?

Well, keep on reading because I'm going to give you all of the scoop on how to have a great spa party that your daughter and her friends will be raving about for years to come. Not to mention the moms who show up to drop off their daughters... I promise you; their eyes will pop out of their sockets. HAHAHA.

Let's start with color themes. Always allow your daughter to choose her favorite color for the theme. I feel like it adds a specialness to the party. I do however like when metallic colors like gold or silver is added to the decor, it makes everything pop and it comes off very elegant and classy. Balloons are always a must when it comes to the decorations. I like helium filled balloons as opposed to balloons that's on the floor. One, it's hard to walk with the balloons all over the floor and two the girls like to toss them to each other in between their spa services. Number balloons are cute as well as balloons that spell out your daughter's name. It makes the event all about her and it feels super personal. Backdrops are always a nice touch as well. It carries out the theme of the spa party and turns your space into a fun filled spa. I have had parents add fresh flowers as well as candles all around the home which added a beautiful fragrance to the space and a classy touch (Just keep the candles out of the reach of your guest). You can find really cute spa backdrops on Amazon. Because we bring everything to your location to set up, I always tell parents that they do not need to overthink with the decorations since our set-up pretty much transforms your home into a little fun filled spa. Now let's talk about food selection.

When it comes to food, I've found that simple is better when it comes to a spa party. Pizza, chicken nuggets, vegetable trays, tea sandwiches. It's even a nice touch to have a charcuterie board and wine for the parents if you plan on having them stick around. You can purchase a dish of the age your daughter is turning and fill it with cheeses, crackers, meats, nuts and olives. Really elegant touch.

If you don't feel like purchasing a cake, you can go to your local grocer and buy some cupcakes to form in the age your daughter is turning. This is affordable as well as easy to serve. If you have a guest who have to leave before cutting the cake, she won't miss out, just grab a cupcake to take along with her. We do have packages that include spa take home bags but of course you can always make your own by visiting a great site like Etsy to get some cute, personalized gifts for the girls. How about satin robes with the girls' names on the back... Personal gifts always come off as elegant they also have personalized brushes, mirrors (etc) Of course you do not have to have gift bags these are only suggestions.

What about games to play... The girls can always play games like: Would you rather or how well do you know the guest of honor. You can always set up a craft table for the girls to make their own bracelets, flip flops or customize their own eye mask or pillowcase. A really fun game is The Crazy Nail Game available for download on our website. Perfect for a spa sleep over or just a girls' spa day. Having a sleepover or Spa brunch ... Try grabbing some glass jars and labeling the jars: filers (wafer cookies) cotton balls(marshmallows) You can have the girls' create their own pizza using fun toppings, make some shirley temples or have some hot chocolate.... The good times are endless!!

Remember to tell your guests to arrive at least 15 minutes before the party time to make sure everyone is present and ready to have a good time, its also a good idea to have everyone arrive with their nail polish off. The best part is rain or shine the party will go on and be a success. #spa #girlsparty #fun #backtoschool #girlblog #partyideas #spapartyideas

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