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I have received many calls with parents asking me if I think their child is too young to have a spa party. Little girls are curious about beauty at a young age. Watching mommy put on her make up, get her nails and toes polished and of course doing her hair. Children watch in amazement, sometimes even mimicking what they see... Sometimes even getting into things you wish they hadn't found. My point is little children enjoy relaxation as well as getting pampered at early stages in their lives. Think about when your child was an infant... What would calm them most? A light pat to the back, perhaps after a nice warm bath you would gently apply a lotion to their little arms and legs.. What did they do?

They probably fell asleep within a few minutes... That is because we as humans..we were created with receptors in our skin to respond to touch which in turn sends signals to our brains to release a feel good hormone called serotonin... This is what makes us relaxed! We have it from birth! We once did a party with about six four & five year olds.. By the end of the party, every last girl was sleep. Our job was done and the mom was so surprised.

Children love to be pampered, they love to get facials and massages. Almost every party we service the girls say:"This is so relaxing, this is the best party ever." We love to hear that because that is our main concern, to leave with a memorable impression on the girls to always make time to relax and unwind.

Here at Pamper Me Perfect Mobile Kids Spa we service girls starting at age 3.. Only because of the chairs we use and many of the girls may be too small to reach the pedi buckets. Of course babies do not need polish or facials but as far as a massage.. Any age newborn- 99 can appreciate a nice massage.

So be sure to book our services for your little one. We service ages 3-13!

The gift of relaxation is the best gift you can give!

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