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Updated: Sep 1

We live in a culture where true beauty is undermined. Many think of beauty as the perfect nose, perfect eyes, beautiful skin. We here at Pamper Me Perfect Mobile Kids Spa like to emphasize to our young ladies that they are beautiful! Beauty comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. Our children are living in times when filters and selfies are the norm. We have serviced thousands of young ones, all of different make-ups and one thing I have noticed while servicing these parties is that children are all the same. We always have one who's the jokester, one who's the talker the shy one and it's always the inquisitive one . We really love what we do and that's why we have been in business for 9 years. The confidence that these girls shows, light up a room!

Be sure to visit our website to order your daughter this special tee-shirt to remind her of just how beautiful she is... And that no filter is ever needed❤️

We have adult sizes as well. Order now!

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